About Me

My best friends

A man's person's best friend is his their dog.

— Based on Old Drum

We would do anything for our pets: because they are family.

Zoë (rescue)


The only pure-bread Ohio Husky I've ever come across in my life.

Zoë was named after Zoë Washburne from Firefly - strong, intelligent, capable, and fiercely loyal.

Tabby (adopted)


Love nature shows that showcase animals? Don't invite Tabby.

Seriously! You will not be able to watch any nature shows, most cartoons, and it's even hit-or-miss with commercials.

Princess (adopted)


We believe she might be half-hippo. Tests are pending.

The absolute gentlest of giants. Princess is proof that breed does not indicate behavior.

Peanut (rescue)


Small-dog syndrome with a big-dog heart. We miss you horribly.

This little-ass dog burrowed his way into my heart (and my wife's armpits) and absolutely changed my mind about small dogs.

Roxy (rescue)


The sweetest girl - safely chillaxing with no anxiety anymore.

This dog would melt your heart and strip away your worries whenever she wanted. Such sweetness. Miss you love.

Eddie (rescue)


Edward T. Balls, Head of Neurosurgery, The Ohio State University

Eddie got an entire college-apartment through some hard times - he was rescued from Franklin County with the help of The Laptop Guy.

Sir (unknown)


The definition of fuck around and find out - or a marshmallow.

If he loved you, he was a 500-lb marshmallow. If he didn't know you - you generally did not get close enough to find out.

My Family