Cars & Driving

My dad loved cars growing up - it was part of his generation. He shared his love for cars with me: specifically, American-born cars like the Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, and Pontiac GTO (the old GTO.)

Go, Go, Speed Racer!

I was doing it all: working on my amateur license, saving up for my own corvette, and driving unique cars on courses and tracks as often as I could find.

But then a cascade of events occurred that really turned me off to further driving:

  • I received a ticket for 104 MPH in a 60 MPH speed-zone
  • I lost my license except for work privileges for 6-months
  • I got pulled over while suspended for making a right-turn 1 minute early at 5:59 PM
  • Thankfully, the second case was thrown out for being absurd
  • Then COVID hit right as my suspension was lifted and all driving was stopped
  • When it came time to renew our vehicle lease, we opted not to - why pay when we aren't driving?
  • For two years after (recently expired) I would go straight to jail for any speeding.

Now we use Uber/Lyft/family and car-rental services to handle a majority of our travel and errands - at substantially less cost than purchasing and maintaining a vehicle.

So while I still appreciate and enjoy looking at cars and driving technology, my desire to drive at high speeds in small cars has basically dissipated.

For the better, my mom would say.

I plan to purchase a car again when Electric Vehicle (EV) technology is sufficiently advanced to bring the purchase-cost of an electric car down to entry-level affordability.

Perhaps the new tax-credits will help.

Car Shows & Driving Events

A few of the car/driving events I found evidence that I attended:

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway w/ Bob for Tony Stewart's Double Duty
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway Tour w/ ATSI
  • Daytona Motor Speedway Tour w/ Bob
  • Brickyard 500 @ Indiannapolis, IN (hot passes) w/ Sarah
  • Driving Lamborghini & Porsche at parking lot track event
  • CamaroFest @ Bowling Green w/ Sarah, Bob, and Mary Beth
  • Columbus Car Show w/ Sarah, Mom & Dad
  • Detroit Car Show 2019 w/ Bob, Brendan
  • Detroit Car Show 2016 w/ Bob, Brendan
  • Dave Gill Car Show @ Columbus w/ Bob

Motor Scooter

I've recently purchased a new 2024 Honda NCW50 Metropolitan 50cc motor-scooter.

The goal is every-day commuter to my Grove City office and offer local repair diagnostic pickups within a small radius.

I've already pushed the limits...

Concerts & Events