About Me

My Family

This is a friendly reminder that you need to go visit your family more often.

Are you talking to me? ~You, probably

Yes, this message is for you. Go see the people you love, bring them something to eat, and tell them you love them.

My Ancestory

Although they keep adjusting the values, it appears as though I am primarily from Germanic Europe, Scotland, and Ireland.

Ancestry DNA Story for Patrick Labbett

My Wife & Best Friend

My wife 😍Sarah😍 is obviously my best-friend. I couldn't imagine not having her to help guide me through this insane world.

Required Clarification

Patrick is not his wife's best-friend - that title is taken by NAME_REDACTED and is sealed by the sacred rings of friendship. Patrick has no power here.

Immediate & Extended Family

It's not my business to share their information online. Give them a call, or ask me how they are doing.