Notable Failures

Failure is the mother of success?

A small!? list of things that I failed at and want to ensure I learn from moving forward:

  • Talking with other managers about company issues while smoking in the alley (employees overhear and may miss context.)
  • Not giving notice when quitting my job (out of frustration) to pursue my business full-time.
  • Software-development projects that don't have clear scope.
  • Software-development projects that don't reserve my time through deposits/retainer.
  • Software-development projects unless it's my own internal product.
  • - Send a care package to your loved one automatically every month
  • - A drop-shipping powered watch store for geeks/nerds/developers
  • - Apparel, accessories, and more for engineers, nerds, geeks, and developers (now the Call Theory story)
  • - A managed service for call centers to automate communication systems checks (failure to launch at conference due to COVID-19)
  • - An employee-focused managed gifting service for call centers and their employees (failure to launch at conference due to COVID-19, couldn't get traction after)
  • - An online platform for managing regulations and paperwork for Federal Firearms License (FFL) - wife didn't want ATF at our house
  • Backing down over competitor threats when I knew I was in the right (paid for patent protection attorney without realizing I was being patent trolled)
  • Sales & Use Tax Preparation and Filing - I couldn't pay someone enough money to do this, so I just automated it instead.
  • - A free and managed resource for hold music that doesn't sound terrible. Still powers some older IVRs I made, but I'm otherwise folding this into Call Theory.
  • Steps - An online step-tracking application for companies to have internal challenges (used by NAEO for a few years)
  • - A full-service, 3rd-party call testing and QA platform for call centers
  • - Gamification for call center agents to learn security awareness training
  • Making subscription plans too broad in scope leading to misses in expectations of services provided
Work History