Work History

Retroactively putting this list together has been tough. If you attempt this, I recommend documenting as you go - even if it's just a quick bullet-point list.

I'm 100% positive I'm still missing things that belong on this list.

Professional Organizations

I've volunteered or been a member of a few different professional organizations over the years. Here's a small list of the ones I can remember:

  • Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) Business Fraternity @ OSU
  • NAEO Future Directions Committee
  • NAEO Conference Committee
  • NAEO Communications Committee
  • NAEO Board of Directors (partial term due to employment status changes)
  • Girl Develop It Columbus! Chapter - Teaching Assistant
  • DeVry Local Business Leader Focus Group on recruiting
  • Forward Party Ohio - State Leadership Team - Technical

Work history that doesn't count

These are things that I was either paid under-the-table or not-paid for.

  • Construction-site trash collection & debris cleanup
  • Learned, managed, and battled IRC eggdrop TCLs on #EFNet
  • Created websites for my friend's band in high-school
  • Setting up and running Asterisk in my college dorm
  • Running my own server infrastructure out of my college apartment
  • Running weekend "Learn to Code" classes for interested employees
  • Setting up a new office from scratch in Las Vegas for my day-job at the time
  • Helping/attending/teaching at Columbus PHP Meetup

Work history that "counts"

  • Farmhand - General labor, hay bale stacking
  • Cargill - Dressings/Sauces factory line
  • Michael Anthony's Italian Grill - Dishwasher, Linecook, Closer
  • Bob Evan's Family Restaurant - Server, Host, Cook, Prep
  • Ohio State University Student Services - Overnight Dorm Assistant
  • United Dairy Farmers - Overnight Clerk
  • Meijer Inc. - Grocery Meat Counter, Stocking
  • Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) - ComputerLine Intern
  • The Laptop Guy - Service Technician
  • Continental Message Solutions, Inc. - Senior IT Manager (+many hats)
  • NotifiUs, LLC (dba Call Theory, Grove City Tech Lab) - Founder/Owner/Managing Member
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