Workshops & Conferences

I'm always open to new opportunities for teaching, learning, and sharing!

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Conference Presentations

Developers Corner - API RoundtableConference RoundtableNAEO Conference 2017
MergeComm Breakout SessionConference SessionNAEO Conference 2017
Gensis Soft-Switch: How to prepareConference SessionNAEO Conference 2017
My company's first NAEO sponsorship!Conference SponsorNAEO Conference 2018
Hands on with API integrationsConference SessionGLTSA Conference 2018
The future of call centersConference SessionGLTSA Conference 2019
Advanced Technical Workshop: MergeCommConference WorkshopNAEO Conference 2019
High-availability through cloud servicesConference SessionNAEO Conference 2019
Creating simple, scalable, and highly-available documentation using markdown and gitConference SessionNAEO Conference 2021 (2020 cancelled)

Workshops & Training

Adding voice, text, and video using TwilioMeetupUsing Twilio services to add value to your PHP applications
NAEO Virtual Training Series: Getting stared with Microsoft AzureTrainingGetting started with cloud computing: Microsoft Azure [slides]
Call Theory Security WorkshopWorkshopAdvanced security for call center environments using modern penetration testing toolkits
Call Theory Build-A-Script Workshop: API EditionWorkshopLearn how to build and integrate with APIs using Amtelco's Intelligent Series scripting
NAEO Virtual Training Series: SQLWorkshopPractical, hands-on training on using and managing SQL in your call center.
NAEO Summer Series Scripting - Chicago 2018WorkshopOne of my first sponsorships!
GiveBackHack Hack-A-ThonHackathonMy group researched and created an improved swaddling cloth and training for parents and babies
Lockpick Learning GroupMonthly MeetupHosted by Grove City Tech Lab. Following the guidelines of TOOOL
Call Theory Scripting Space SampWorkshopTraining for Amtelco's Intelligent Series scripting

Professional Events Attended

This is a list of professional events that I have attended and have lanyards, T-shirts, pictures, and/or stickers from:

  • 2010 ATSI Annual Conference - San Diego, CA
  • 2014 VMUG UserCon - Columbus, OH
  • 2015 Twilio Signal Developer Conference - San Francisco, CA
  • 2015 Laracon - Louisville, KY
  • 2016 NAEO Annual Conference - San Diego, CA
  • 2016 Laracon - Louisville, KY
  • 2017 NAEO Annual Conference - San Antonio, TX
  • 2017 Laracon - New York, NY
  • 2018 Laracon - Chicago, IL
  • 2018 ATSI Annual Conference - Charlotte, NC
  • 2018 GLTSA Annual Meeting - Indianapolis, IN
  • 2018 NAEO Annual Conference - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • 2019 TUNE Conference - New Orleans, LA
  • 2019 GLTSA Annual Meeting - Detroit, MI
  • 2019 NAEO Annual Conference - San Juan, PR
  • 2019 Amtelco 1Call Seminar - Madison, WI
  • 2020 NAEO Annual Conference - Cancelled
  • 2021 NAEO Annual Conference - Virtual
  • MISSED (COVID-19 #1): 2021 GLTSA Annual Conference - Columbus, OH
  • 2022 NAEO Annual Conference - Atlanta, GA
  • MISSED (COVID-19 #2): 2022 TUNE Conference - Nashville, TN
  • 2022 BlueTeamCon - Chicago, IL
  • 2022 GLTSA/ASTAA Conference - Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2023 Defcon - Las Vegas, NV
  • MISSED (Knee Injury): 2023 BlueTeamCon - Chicago, IL
  • PLANNED: 2024 BlackHat - Las Vegas, NV
  • PLANNED: 2024 Defcon - Las Vegas, NV

You can see some of my other favorite experiences over in the personal section.

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