Ohio is for heroes

Welcome to the personal website of Patrick Labbett. It's mostly for me - but feel free to take a look around.

I manage technology, create software, and design infrastructure for the call center and answering service industries over at Call Theory

use Life\Contracts\Social\Marriage;
function about(): array {
$sarah = Marriage::find(constant('LOVE'));
return [
'partner_id' => $sarah->id,
'location' => [
'city' => 'Grove City',
'state' => 'OH', //I-O!
'country' => 'USA',
'social' => [
'twitter' => '@patricklabbett',
'tiktok' => '@patricklabbett', //I know...
'facebook' => false,

About Me


Hi, I'm Patrick Labbett - I guess I mentioned that already.

I live in Grove City, Ohio (USA) - a suburb attached to Columbus. I spend my professional time building, supporting, and training technology for call centers and answering services.

In my personal time, I do much of the same - but usually around family, friends, beaches, and/or dogs.

Continue on to learn a little more about me. You can also use the menu/search to jump around more quickly.

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