I have more experience than I have credentials. I'm working on better validating my skills for 3rd-party assessment, but as I intend to work for myself as long as possible, certifications and degrees are not a priority for me.

A modest start

While much of my career has been learning by trial and error, I've taken some steps to validate my knowledge:

Cyber-security pivot

I've been slowly migrating towards cyber-security over the last 2 years - it started with working on a Security Awareness Training (SAT) application specific to call centers. See my notable failures re:

Cyber-security is all encompassing across IT disciplines and teaches me real-life practical ways to improve my IT engineering and development work.

It's also a lot of fun.


My MCSI Student Portal: MCSI Student Portfolio

3CX Phone System

Call Theory has achieved Advanced-certified 3CX training but was removed from the partner program for not prioritizing selling 3CX. (I focus on customer support, not reselling 3rd-party services.)

3CX Advanced Certified Partner Badge